Raise The Dead is an Action Platformer for the Pico-8 in which the player must help a recently resurrected skeleton escape from his crypt. Hop on the magic skulls floating throughout the crypt to find the key to each floor's door!

The purpose in developing this game was to both to learn how to make pico-8 software and as an attempt to design a game around a single gimmick; In this case, hopping off of enemy heads.


  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Z key - Jump
  • Down Key - Fall through the thin wooden floors
  • Special Technique - Hold the jump button when hopping off of enemies to jump higher

Recent Version History-

Update 0.2 pushed!

  • Keyblock feedback greatly improved - I added a reaction on the keyblocks for when the player picks up a key and is able to pass through them. The coloring on this is temporary for right now; I'm currently just using palette swaps for the effect, but in further updates I would like to migrate these blocks to their own objects I can spawn to have greater control over the color
  • 4 more floors!
  • Misc bugfixes and timing tweaks

For this update i've mostly been focusing on adding more levels and tweaking levels currently there. I'm getting close to the point where I'm happy with the general presentation and I'll likely start working on the smaller deatails/sprites in further updates.

Known bugs -

  • Various out of bounds access potential in unfinished levels

Special Thanks

  • mhughson - Advanced Micro Platformer - Starter Kit


  • viza - Advanced Particle System library


These were both immensely helpful as tools to help learn how some more complicated game programming subjects are tackled in pico-8; It's really nice to see people give to the community like this and I wanted to make sure they didn't go un-credited.


raisethedead-v0.2.p8 76 kB

Development log


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Pretty solid game! I liked it so much, I couldn't stop until the end. I'm willing to see the full game release.

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, Amir! I admittedly haven't messed with this project recently, but I could probably go through and flesh it out with a few more levels; Thanks for checking it out!

I'm not sure why I sucked at this game. I'm usually very good with platformers, or, able to pass them slightly. Got my ass kicked today. You bested me,

good person.

I love it m8, thanks for giving it a go and recording this! I didn't realize it, but I probably should add some kind of prompt at the start to explain the controls in game; Also, I really liked your approach here, a 100 death challenge mode like this might be a fun little addition. You were almost there though, 2 more floors!

Hello! I loved your game, it was very well made and had a neat style as well as gameplay to it! Though I would suggest making the jumping slightly less heavy if that makes sense. Though I look forward to seeing where you take this as it's got a lot of raging potential! I made a let's play of your game here~

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Oh my goodness this is so fantastic! Thanks a ton for this haha; I never thought I'd be able to see anybody play through this whole thing, this just made my day outright. I didn't realize it was quite this brutal for a new player, I guess I had been testing it on my own for too long. Thanks giving this a genuine go and you've given me a ton of stuff to think over in how I approached everything here.

Some of those later levels you played are still very much WIP and after seeing how rough floor 19 was I'll certainly be making them a little easier haha, thanks again for sticking it out through them though. I think I know what you mean by the character is too heavy, I had tweaked it a little bit in a previous update to make him a little lighter and controllable, but I don't think I went far enough.

Thanks a ton for recording this, It was really neat to watch and get feedback as somebody played it. I hope you get a chance to try the game when it's finished entirely!

Yay! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the video that much to make your day :D

I'm glad I could help out and certainly look forward to the finished product! Good luck with your game <3