A downloadable game for Windows

A game where you guide a puck from point A to B through a racetrack like course. It's based off of the PSX and Neo Geo games "Irritating Stick" and "The Irritating Maze". I always thought these were cool games that were severely under designed, under developed, and limited by digital input.

My goal with this game is to make a version that feels better to play, adds a proper mission mode, expands on the gameplay a little by racing goal times rather than against a countdown clock outright, and if I'm able to add online time attack leaderboards.

I'm a pretty new developer with experience in unity and gamemaker but this is my first shot at a 3D game. I like how it plays but it's still pretty ugly.

The purpose of this demo is to show off the functionality of the in game engine, There isn't any track collision so you'll just have to pretend but the collision against hazards works.

Track 1 and 2 are outdated tracks that I used to build ideas in, you should play track 3 first then check out the other 2 if you're interested. Track 3 is the room I'm currently using to build stuff in.

There is a bug I'm not able to figure out where on your first life the ribbon trail on the player is super thin, It's fine if you die and respawn once and it doesn't show up in the editor only on the built version.

***I highly suggest using an Xinput controller to play this demo, it feels so much better using an analog stick on this kind of game than WASD does***



R2 - Speed up

L2 - Slow Down

Left Stick - Move

Dpad - Fine tune movement

Start - Pause menu

A - Select button

Controls(Keyboard and mouse)

RMB - Speed up

LMB - Slow down

WASD - Move

P - Pause menu

Enter - Select Button

ESC key- Quick exit game


Num 5 - clear best time to nothing


Thanks for reading my wall of text and trying my game, please leave me some feedback!

Install instructions

Download the 7zip file and extract anywhere on your computer, run mss.exe in the windowsnoeditor folder.


CrazyStickProto_64bit.7z 85 MB